Why I Don’t Do Social Media

1. Because I have arms and legs

2. Because I enjoy being alive

3. Because “likes” are stupid

4. Because social media is mentally fattening

  • research about a topic that interests you — Google is your friend.
  • call a friend via SMS
  • draw something using your notes app (something I loved to do back when I was waiting for the bus)
  • play an interesting game
  • dependence
  • lack of satisfaction from real life experiences
  • social comparison, stress, emotional instability and decreased confidence
  • increased susceptibility to mental illness
  • loss of productivity
  • you will become like everybody else — like how a raindrop will dissolve in an ocean

5. Social media is excellent in concept, but poor in execution

6. Because I learn from experience, not stranger’s opinions

7. Because there are so many better things to do

  • Do a hobby you enjoy
  • Do something creative
  • Get some much deserved headspace by resting or meditating
  • Go out or appreciate nature
  • Hang out with friends or family
  • Eat something
  • Exercise



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