How to Stop Windows Updates Forever

AB Writing
3 min readJul 28, 2021

Use this incredible new application to disable or enable Windows updates to your heart’s content.

Download Win Update Stop

NoVirusThanks is an independent software developer who became popular for their virus-detection tools. Recently, they have found a way to allow the user to manually disable and re-enable Windows updates whenever they want. Previously, people have come up with DIY ways to stop the updates like registry tweaks, deletion of temporary files, and so on.

But now, users don’t need to deal with that hassle, because all they have to do is download Win Update Stop, via this link:

After downloading the application, all users have to do is click “Disable” to prevent Windows updates from downloading/installing and click “Enable” if they desire to update their operating system at their own time.

Why Forced Updates are Stupid

The main reason why these forced Microsoft updates are a pain is because they lock the user out of control. Sure updates only take a couple of minutes to accomplish, but for some people, especially those who rely heavily on their computers for work and study purposes, these updates can negatively impact productivity. I personally know people who missed out on exams and important meetings just because their old PC was too slow in updating Windows.

Another danger of these forced updates is that it leaves your PC at a state of vulnerability. We are all aware that “turning off” your computer while it is updating is bad, because it risks corrupting the critical operating system files that are being modified whilst the update is taking place. This is more dangerous for desktop PCs in particular, as they can be prone to loss of power (during a blackout, or a thunderstorm). Compared to laptops, which have a battery, desktop PCs can easily be corrupted if a power outage happens whilst a user is updating the OS. This has happened to me several years ago, where I lost 2TB of personal data just because I updated Windows during an unannounced rotational blackout. Microsoft needs to realize that not all countries in the world have reliable electricity, and unless they open their eyes to this reality, all they are doing is making their products more unreliable.

Besides this, there’s also the compatibility issue, where certain programs will cease functioning correctly or efficiently just because of some new feature update. A great example here is all the bloatware Microsoft packages into PCs from the factory (Windows Store, and other bloatware). These unrequested applications are often unwanted by the common users, and do nothing but waste precious RAM and CPU resource having them run in the background. The Xbox game bar, for instance, is known to cause FPS drops in several video games.

Lastly, we need to remember that computers are tools — OUR tools, which we use for study, work, communication, creatives and entertainment. Nobody can blame the user if they want to manually stop Windows updates, since a lot of times, such updates are unnecessary and hold no immediate importance at the present moment.