How to Clean Steelseries Rival 110 / 100 / 95 Gaming Mouse

3 min readJan 31, 2022



Hi! I have been a happy owner of a Steelseries Rival 110 for over 8 years now. The reason why my mouse has survived this long comes down to two main reasons: 1 — The superior engineering of Steelseries brand mice versus other brands, and 2 — The ease it is to clean and maintain this mouse.

Maintenance is very important since over time, dust, hairs and all sorts of debris can enter your mouse and make it function improperly. In my experience, I have encountered an issue where the mouse scroll won’t work, only to find out that the mouse had hairs stuck in the axle.

Disassembly Procedure

Step 1 — Remove teflon feet under the mouse to reveal screws

Step 2 — Unscrew the four screws under the mouse

Step 3 — Snap it open

Step 4 — Note the layout of parts in the mouse. Remove the LED connection wire. Clean out any dust and debris.

Step 5— Unscrew PCB via 2 main screws. Observe how the wiring runs under the mouse.

Step 6— Note the scrollwheel assembly. Clean out any dust or debris on the PCB.

Step 7— Remove scrollwheel socket PCB by pulling it out to access scroll wheel assembly.

Step 8 — Remove scroll wheel by hand and remove any debris stuck inside.

Cleaning Advice

  • Use your hands, a brush, or a vaccum to manually clean out dust and debris.
  • Do not use water.
  • Use a toothbrush to scrub the mouse case while everything is disassembled.


Just do the steps above, but in reverse order.




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